They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but we’re too excited about last week’s Atlassian Summit to keep it all to ourselves. The days were spent meeting people in the ecosystem, speaking about our apps, and learning the latest from Atlassian. The evenings? Well, that’s the part that might stay in Vegas!

Comalatech’s Latest News

The biggest news we shared at Summit was the release of Comala Workflows 6.0, which includes our newest feature Read Confirmations. Now teams can track exactly who has read pages, and assign team members to read specific documents. Learn more on our Workflows 6.0 blog

We also introduced new people to the Comala Workflows Family of Apps. In case you missed it, in December we released a server version of Comala Workflows Lite, and cloud and server versions of Comala Approvals. Together with Comala Workflows they form the Workflows Family of Apps. Now any team can take advantage of reviews and approvals in Confluence, no matter its size, budget, or deployment option. Learn more here

We had some other pieces of news to share with attendees too, like new reports added to Comala Publishing, and revised documentation for a number of our products.

If you happened to miss us at Summit rest assured we are attending a few other events throughout the year; stay tuned for dates and details.

Fun on the Expo Floor

It wasn’t all business on the expo floor; like most other years, Comalatech brought some fun to the show. Attendees all received a copy of Team Titans #2 in the show bags, the second issue of our hit comic book series. The comic could also be used to enter our contest, which awarded our winner Mohit a new Fujfilm digital camera. Even if you didn’t win the camera, you didn’t walk away empty-handed thanks to the delicious traditional Mexican candy we brought with us. Wednesday night saw us take part in the booth crawl, where everyone who visited us enjoyed some delicious wine and cheese.

It wouldn’t be Comalatech if we didn’t try to be different, so throughout the show we offered to pep up tired attendees with a free mate tasting; it even came with its own take-home mug! While we’re not sure if mate will sweep the nation after our tastings, we did see a few people wearing our special mate pins on their lanyards. 

Vegas, Baby!

We’ve said goodbye to the desert for now, but we’re already excited to be taking part in Atlassian Summit 2020 in Vegas again. We hope you’ll make plans to join us fo what is sure to be another exciting event. Until then, perhaps you can meet up with us at one of our event appearances throughout 2019. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see where we’re headed next.