If there’s a theme to the latest release of Comala Workflows it would be “quality of life improvements”. Not only is it compatible with Confluence, its new features make life easier for users and offer more options for assigning roles. Download the latest version today to take advantage of these upgrades, and read on to learn more details.

An Easy Way to Assign Roles

Teams already utilize role-based approvals in Workflows, but the new “Approval Roles” feature makes it even simpler to assign roles to reviewers. When you are choosing your reviewers you now have the option of choosing a role for specific users. You may want to record someone as a “Team Lead”, “Project Manager”, or “Compliance Officer”, and it’s as easy as filling in a text box right inside the Workflows dialog. Full instructions are available in our product documentation.

Save Time With Suggested Contributors

Do you find that you’re regularly adding the same people as reviewers in your workflows? The new update remembers the reviewers you previously assigned and prompts you to add them the next time. This saves you from searching for the same users over and over again. 

Confluence 7 Compatibility

One of our priorities is ensuring Comala Workflows stays up to date with the latest versions of Confluence. Our team worked very hard over the past weeks to ensure compatibility with Confluence 7. You can upgrade with confidence knowing that Workflows and Confluence will work together smoothly.

Try it For Free

Comala Workflows 6.4 is live on the Atlassian Marketplace, so you can download it from there or update it right inside of Confluence’s Universal Product Manager. Interested in some of these features but you’re not a Comala Workflows customer? You can try the app for free for 30 days. Just follow this link and click “Try it Free”.