Atlassian is invested in developing Enterprise-ready tools. Their commitment to data-center-sized customers extends to their marketplace ecosystem, where they now separate their apps by deployment: server, cloud, and data-center. But, what does it mean for an app to be “data center”, and what is the implication for users?

Data Center Testing – Coming Soon

Data Center clients rely heavily on their Atlassian tools, and they need to be able to trust that the apps they use will function correctly in a large instance. Currently, developers submit their apps for any of the three deployment options, which allows administrators to look for apps that fit their exact scenario. There are over 1000 data center apps in the marketplace currently, giving admins powerful options for extending their Atlassian products. But, enterprise users will soon be even more confident that their data-center apps can perform to their standards.

In 2018, Atlassian will be introducing a set of criteria that apps must meet in order to be marketed as data-center ready. The “Atlassian Data Center readiness program and developer guidelines” identifies the standards that data center apps will be held to, and in the coming months Atlassian will begin formally reviewing submitted apps to ensure they are compliant with the guidelines. These standards include:

  • Avoiding long-running tasks, and only implementing necessary scheduled tasks
  • Being considerate of server memory usage
  • Reducing bottlenecks in server demands

Perhaps most importantly, all data-center apps will soon be required to pass tests running on large data sets. For example, a Confluence app must be able to function correctly in instances with over 100,000 users, and 1,000,000 pages, while Jira apps need to handle 1,500 projects and almost as many Agile boards.

Comalatech and Data Center

Comalatech team members have been working hard over the past few months to ensure that our apps meet the standards of Atlassian’s new program. Our goal once the program launches is to have our products reviewed and accepted as soon as possible, including our biggest apps like Comala Workflows, and Comala Publishing. Our products are already in use by enterprise-sized businesses around the globe, so we do not anticipate any issues passing the Atlassian tests.

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