Written by Mike Rink, with special assistance from RefinedWiki’s Genevieve Blanch


Today’s fast-paced digital society demands that information be displayed visually. With the majority of the population being visual learners (65% according to this study via Atlassian), and faced with an ever growing amount of information to take in each day, clear and easy to understand communication is vital. This is what drove us to refresh our product documentation wiki to ensure information about our apps is visual, accessible and easy to navigate.

Once we decided to revamp our documentation, we knew there was only one Confluence app that could make it happen, RefinedWiki’s RefinedTheme (updating our instance from 5.x to 6.x). You can take a look at the result here. The new look and feel on the documentation wiki means that spaces are easier to find, the answers our customers are looking for are at their fingertips and the overall look and feel of the documentation wiki is modern, clean, and consistent with the Comalatech corporate identity.


Thanks to RefinedWiki, getting our new look and feel was a straightforward process:

  1. Navigation Improvements. Reorganization of spaces to improve the navigation.
  2. New look and matching CI: Rework of the theme to match the Comalatech brand
  3. New Site Home: Rework of the site home layout (landing page)


Here are the steps in more detail:


  1. Navigation Improvements

Our old wiki had each product as a category in the top navigation menu. With a growing number of products this meant the category menu was getting quite long. This was why we decided to reorganize the categories and their subsequent spaces into just four categories. We used the ‘subcategory’ feature to include columns in the drop down menu like you see in the image below.

  1. New look and matching the Comalatech CI

The main goal with the theme was to align it to our corporate identity, and make the look a bit more modern. We did this using the RefinedTheme inbuilt theme editor along with the layout editor for the wiki site home.


The new theme was built in the theme editor like so:

We made sure the theme works for both the site home and spaces. For example, here is the new look on a space home:

We then created a banner image matching our website to upload onto the landing page. More on that in step three.


  1. Reworking the documentation site home

Updating the layout and the look of the landing page was a large part of the improved look and feel. RefinedTheme has an inbuilt layout editor that makes the layout quite simple to set up.


This is the resulting documentation wiki site home:

We used the following layout to get this result:

The app also allows you to customize the footer of Confluence, hence why we were able to add all the necessary links to the base.


Special thanks goes out to the RefinedWiki team, for their expert assistance on this project. Our next objective will be to match this look and feel on the Comalatech support portal. Stay tuned for progress on that!