Last week we announced that our popular Confluence app Comala Publishing is now available in the Cloud. Hundreds of teams already use the app in self-hosted environments to better control their draft and published content. Here’s a common use case from server/data center customers that we think cloud teams could utilize themselves.

Creating Product Documentation in Confluence Cloud

Confluence makes writing product manuals a breeze. But, sharing that content with end users isn’t quite as smooth. In native Confluence, the most common distribution method is to keep the documentation in a space configured for anonymous access. This resolves the issue of delivering the content, but doesn’t address a larger problem – preventing users from seeing content they’re not supposed to. Unapproved text, leftover comments, and even access to page history; it’s a myriad of document management pitfalls. 

That’s where Comala Publishing Cloud can provide critical functionality. Its ability to send content between spaces lets you utilize one space for draft documents, and another for actual published content. This way, those anonymous users only read the documentation that you want them to see. 

Publish With the Touch of a Button

Let’s see how this works in practice. One space in Confluence Cloud is designated as the “draft” space. Here, you and your team collaborate on your product documentation. Nothing changes about how you write your documentation – the authoring process is just as full-featured and seamless as in vanilla Confluence. Meanwhile, another space is set as your “published” space, and this is the area your users will visit to actually read your product documentation. Because the draft and published pages are separated by Comala Publishing Cloud, readers can’t see comments, unapproved content, or any other artifacts from the drafting process. Once the draft page is ready for public consumption, all it takes is the simple press of the “Publish” button to send it to the published space.  

That doesn’t mean that the documentation process is finished of course – these pages are probably evolving all the time. But, with the draft and published content kept separate, users don’t see any of the edits or changes until the next time “Publish” is pressed. Need to roll back your changes? Just revert to a previous version in the draft space and publish that one. 

Even more control is offered if you utilize our flagship review and approval app, Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud. The integration between the apps allows you automatically publish pages once they are approved with Document Management. You can learn more on our wiki (which is powered by Comala Publishing itself!). 

Start Cloud Publishing Today

You can try Comala Publishing Cloud for free for 30 days by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace to start your evaluation period. Need more help configuring the app? Head on over to our own product documentation, or reach out to our support team