One of the most popular add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace, K15t‘s Scroll Versions for Confluence, just became even more powerful thanks to its new integration with Comala Workflows. This exciting partnership unites two key functions Confluence users have been requesting; powerful workflows inside of complex versioned content projects. A simple add-on, available now as a free download, is all you need to take total control of your versioned Confluence Spaces.

Versioning Made Simple

Hundreds of organizations around the globe trust K15t’s Scroll Versions to manage their complex Confluence Spaces. One of the top-rated add-ons in the Marketplace, Scrolls Versions empowers you to plan, author, and release your documentation simply and easily, helping you keep pace with feature-rich, fast-changing products. Where versioning or multiple variants are involved it is the add-on of choice for many Space administrators.

All You Need to Create Great Documentation

The powerful approval processes built into Comala Workflows are a natural fit with Scroll Versions. Together they provide everything you need to run complex versioned content projects smoothly and effectively. Comala Workflows let users add approvals and tasks to Confluence pages, assign reviews, manage documentation stages, and much more. Its integration with Scroll Versions’ user-friendly documentation management brings total control to your versioned content – it’s now simpler than ever to execute complex projects with multiple versions.

Seamless Integration Gets You Working Faster

Users of both add-ons will find it easy to get up and running. Just download and install the Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions free Confluence add-on and immediately start integrating advanced workflows and versioned content. The process has been streamlined to be painless and efficient – no data is lost. Plus, if you’re already using Scroll Versions’ integrated workflow engine in a Space, existing workflow states are automatically converted into suitable Comala Workflow states. If you’re new to Workflows you’ll find it easy to get started thanks to the included pre-built, fully editable default template.

Take Control Today

Are you ready to embrace complete control of your Confluence content projects? If you’re currently using the latest versions of Workflows and Scroll Versions then it’s as easy as installing the free integration app; download the Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions add-on for free on the Atlassian Marketplace now.