We’re excited to announce a significant rebranding of our flagship Comala Workflows Family of apps. 

Comala Workflows is now Comala Document Management

Comala Workflows Lite is now Comala Document Control

Comala Approvals is now Comala Document Approval

The apps come together to form the Comala Document Management Family of Apps.

Why Make the Change?

Even though the core functionality of the apps remains the same, these new names better describe the scope and use of each app. While workflows will continue to play an important role, our apps offer much more than just approval workflows. Teams are not only using our apps to add approvals, they’re using them to completely manage their documents, or to add document control to their processes. The Comala Document Management Family of Apps tells a much more complete story about what our apps can do.¬†

What is the Difference Between Each App?

We have produced a helpful matrix that outlines the key differences between each app, but in short:

  • Comala Document Management is for teams that have gone beyond simply writing documents and now need a way to manage them. Create customized approval workflows and use them to build documentation that is compliant to ISO standards and FDA guidelines, fully audit-able, and suitable for almost any use case. Plus, you can use the app to ask team members to confirm they’ve read pages with our new Read Confirmations feature. Comala Document Management is available for Confluence Server and Data Center.
  • Comala Document Control lets teams collaborate on content without losing control of their documents. It features less customization than Comala Document Management, but its built-in workflows allow teams to write documentation that meets compliance standards like ISO 9001 and 13485, among others. It also includes the new Read Confirmations feature in our server version. Comala Document Control is available for Confluence Cloud and Server, and will soon be released for Data Center.
  • Comala Document Approval is still the easiest way to add reviews and approvals to Confluence. The included approval workflow lets teams add a simple review process to all of their pages, and the server version of the app also includes Read Confirmation functionality. Comala Document Approval is available for Confluence Cloud and Server, and will soon be released for Data Center as well.

Learn More About Each App

You can try each of our apps for free through the Atlassian Marketplace:

Stay tuned in January, as we’ll be announcing some exciting improvements for the Comala Document Management Family of Apps.