Content Publishing


How Do I Get Accurate Documentation to the Users Who Need It?

Whether your customers are internal or external, they need accurate up-to-date information at their fingertips. End user communication is of paramount importance in nearly every business environment, from providing a knowledge base, to product documentation, to a public or private wiki, but the challenges of maintaining this content are numerous, including:

  • Keeping content up to date
  • Publishing updates in a timely manner
  • Collaborating on writing product documentation
  • Managing the creation of new content
  • Disseminating the information to the users

Modern collaborative documentation software like Atlassian's Confluence, or other imperfect options like Microsoft Sharepoint, offer a partial solution to the content publishing puzzle, but there are complete solutions to these problems.


Comalatech Apps Fuel Content Publishing

One of the most common applications of Comalatech's apps is to solve content publishing challenges. Working in concert with Confluence's powerful documentation engine, our apps give your team the flexibility, control, and power necessary to deliver information to end users accurately and quickly.

Our content publishing solution typically includes two to three of our apps, including Comala Document Management and Comala Publishing. The process controls of Comala Document Management combine seamlessly with the publishing power of Comala Publishing to communicate your content to end users. Our content publishing solution scales from small business to enterprise operations, and like all Atlassian Verified vendors we offer enhanced support to keep you up and running.

Not only does Confluence make it easier to collaborate on content, but Comalatech's apps allow you to get it published faster. To get a firsthand look at our complete publishing solution click here to schedule a webinar.