It’s a tradition stretching back to Atlassian Summit 2015 that’s become one of our most anticipated events of the year, Tapas Night. The evening brings together our friends from around the Atlassian ecosystem to join us in catching up before the stress of Summit descends. Just like last year’s event in Barcelona, we were once again co-hosts of the night alongside fellow ecosystem veterans Deiser, K15t, and //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

The jovial atmosphere of Tapas Night has never looked better thanks to the inviting setting of Sala Guadí within Casa Milà/La Pedrera, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Surrounded by great people, as well as delicious Spanish food and wine, it’s no wonder there was a smile on every face.

The question, as usual, is not “will we host another Tapas Night?”, but “how can top such a great night of fun and camaraderie?”. The only way to find out will be to join us at the next Tapas Night before Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas in 2019.

Here’s a selection of photos showing off just how much fun we had: