Earlier this week we announced that our Comala Workflows Family of Apps were being rebranded, but those releases contained more excitement than just new products names – now the entire* Comala Document Management Family of Apps includes Read Confirmations functionality. Not only that, but we also shipped three new Read Confirmation improvements at the same time.

*Server and Data Center only

Great for the Whole Family

Read Confirmations was initially released for Comala Document Management (then known as Comala Workflows) back in April, just in time for Atlassian Summit. Response from customers has been very positive, but we didn’t want this feature to be limited to users of our most premium product. That’s why we’ve added Read Confirmations across the entire family of apps. Users of Comala Document Control (formerly Comala Workflows Lite) and Comala Document Approval (formerly Comala Approvals) can start adding read confirmations to their Confluence pages today! 

New Improvements Confirmed

We took the opportunity to add several improvements to the Read Confirmation feature.

  • Read Confirmations for Any Workflow. The previous version required using read confirmation as a part of a built-in approval workflow. Now Read Confirmations can now be added to any custom workflows, without needing the built-in approval workflow. Note that this feature is only available on Comala Document Management, as it is the only one that supports custom workflows.
  • Remember Previous Readers. The apps remember previous Read Confirmation assignees and asks them to confirm new versions of the document. This includes people who you initially assign to read the page, and those who are added later. 
  • Version Number Logging. When a user confirms reading a document, the app will remember its corresponding version number. When viewing the assignees, you can see which page version each person confirmed reading. 

Read Confirmations continues to grow as an important part of our documentation apps. Stay tuned early in the new year when we will be releasing even more improvements.

Try it Today!

Want to add read confirmations to your Confluence pages? You can get started today, thanks to a free 30 day evaluation available for all of our apps. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to get started: