The latest update to Comala Workflows is a major version release highlighted by a much-requested new feature. Comala Workflows 6.0 improvements include a new reporting option, and the centrepiece of the update – a brand-new Read Confirmation function. 

Read Confirmation via Comala Workflows

For some time we’ve wanted to give users another tool for managing the content in their Confluence instances. Comala Workflows’ reviews and approvals are second to none in the marketplace, but now we have augmented those with a related functionality – the ability for team members to acknowledge that they’ve read specific documents. This feature, Read Confirmation, is especially important for the large teams who make up a key segment of our user base, and so we’re excited to be able to release the feature for them. 

Built on the same dependable, familiar functionality of Comala Workflows, Read Confirmation helps teams keep track of who has been assigned to read documents, and who has acknowledged that they have read them. The UI keeps things simple and intuitive for end users, and straightforward reporting makes it easy to keep track of confirmations. Want to make sure your team members respond in a timely manner? Confluence notifications and emails will notify users that they need to read a document. If they need a little more encouragement you can set due dates for acknowledgements to help you get the responses you need. 

Best of all, the Read Confirmation feature is integrated right into Comala Workflows. As soon as a page hits its final published state you can automatically activate a read confirmation. 

Our New Space Report

While Read Confirmation is sure to get people excited, we know that many of users will be happy to see the new Space report we built. This configurable report gives you more control over the information surfaced in your reports, and makes it easier to keep track of the status of your pages. Do you use due dates on your approvals? The report can now keep track of those dates too, helping to ensure that pages are reviewed in a timely manner. We’re confident that the Space report is a great quality of life improvement for our users, and we’re hopeful that the rest of the 6.0 enhancements are just as appreciated.

Try Comala Workflows 6.0 for Yourself

Take advantage of all of these improvements by updating Workflows inside of Confluence. Not a Comala Workflows user, but like the sound of these new features? Try the app for free by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace. Want to see the app first hand? You can visit us this week at Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas; we’ll be showing off Workflows at booth #1007.