This week we welcomed friends and family to help us officially open our new office in Bilbao Spain. Together we toasted an office that will become the cornerstone of our operations in Europe, and provide a home to a dedicated team of professional developers.

We have had a significant presence in Spain for some time, in fact nearly all of our software development occurs there. Until today our staff has operated remotely, but now our local team members have an office they can call their own.

The grand opening featured all the elements that people have grown to love about Comalatech events; delicious Spanish wine, tasty local food (paired with Canadian smoked salmon), and of course great conversation. But, the highlight was likely the presentation to Roberto of an authentic Basque Makila. The Makila is a traditional symbol of authority in Basque culture, and in Comalatech there is no one more deserving of holding the Makila than Roberto. However, we did make clear to him that the spike at the end was purely ornamental, and could not be used for motivating team members.