We’re starting out 2020 with some great new features in the Comala Document Management Family of apps, specifically for our Read Confirmations functionality. Server and Data Center* users of Comala Document Management, Comala Document Control, and Comala Document Approval will love the improvements, and simply need to update to the latest version to start taking advantage. Here’s a brief description of the upgrades:

Standalone Read Confirmations

Previously, Read Confirmations could only be used as a part of a page approval workflow. Now you can add Read Confirmations to any page without the need for reviews and approvals. This is perfect for previously approved content you’re copying, or for pages that don’t require formal approval. 

Suppress Read Confirmations

Oops, did you make a little mistake in your Confluence page? Sometimes you need to make a small change to a page, but you don’t want to require users to re-acknowledge the page. Now you can update pages and choose whether or not users must re-confirm they’ve read it. 

Due Date Improvements

You can now let your users add a due date right in the UI, and send reminder notifications to assignees who haven’t confirmed yet. 

New Triggers

Many users of Comala Document Management customize their workflows to execute actions based on event triggers. We’ve included three triggers in this release:

  1. confirmation-due, which listens for overdue read confirmation due dates
  2. confirmation-complete, which listens for completed read confirmations
  3. confirmation-requested, which listens for read confirmation assignments

Each trigger will allow you to implement a custom action, such as sending a notification. You can learn more about these and other triggers in our product documentation.

It’s easier than ever to ensure your documents are read by combining Confluence with one of our Document Management Family apps. Each app is available for a free thirty-day evaluation through the Atlassian Marketplace. Simply follow the links below to get started.

*Please note, this feature is not yet available in Confluence Cloud