The workflows exchange for Comala Workflows now includes a brand-new workflow template, the “Quality Management System” workflow. Developed in conjunction with Rina Nir of Atlassian Silver Partner RadBee, the workflow uses special features to meet the needs of users within compliance environments.

The workflow is ideal for teams that need to demonstrate compliance with guidelines, rules, or standards. This could include ISO standards, FDA regulations, or even internal corporate standards. The workflow features multiple states of review, including an obsoleting process. One unique feature of the workflow is that it restricts page editing once it moves past the draft state, an important consideration in compliance scenarios. Finally, the ultimate approval to Publish the page can only be given by users in the Confluence group “controlled_document_approvers”, which is typically the QA team. Here’s a visual diagram of the workflow:

RadBee specializes in helping businesses utilize Confluence within compliance environments. For the past five years Rina has been assisting life sciences customers’ implementation of Atlassian tools in QA/RA and operations systems. Her unique insight was critical in building this workflow, and we’d like to offer our sincere thanks for helping us bring it to our users.

You can start using the new workflow right away by downloading it from our workflows exchange. Note that the workflow does require Comala Publishing to work properly. New to the app? Try it for free, visit the Atlassian Marketplace to learn more.