In this series we’re spotlighting our team of Comalatechies, the developers, leaders and creatives who build our products and make things happen. We sat down to chat with Mike Regalado, software development team lead and YouTube celebrity.

Tell us about your work as a software development team lead for Comalatech. What do you on a daily basis?

Let’s say my to-do list is endless! A good way to summarize a day of work, is that I usually focus on getting the best out of my team. We are a group of people with different skills, different cultures and expertise, and each day I try to figure out with them the best way we can each contribute and feel valuable to the team and to the company. Since my background is development, I sometimes help the team by coding myself, although this has been decreasing lately because the role of team lead needs a lot of time and dedication. As a team player, I’m very happy and proud of the team. Their level of commitment is beyond my expectations and they really make my job easier, because I can 99.9% trust them 😉

You’ve been with Comalatech for several years now, and you’ve watched many our products develop from the beginning. What changes have you seen in the company?

I’ve seen the company grow from a staff of 4 to over 40! It’s obvious that the way we work has changed and evolved as we’ve grown. There have been trials and errors along the road, but I guess that’s part of the journey, and we try to learn a lesson from each stone we hit.

Despite being quite a different company today, there are a few things that still remain the same. One of our company values is “embrace uncertainty” and I see this has been accompanying us through all these years. I think this is a positive part of the company – I’ve worked with so many different products and projects, and I can affirm that I’ve never felt bored!

You’ve also been to many live events like Atlassian’s Summit and Team Tour. What were those experiences like?

I think this is one of the best parts of working at Comalatech. It gave me the opportunity to travel to many cities I’ve never been to before like Vancouver, Berlin, Miami and Sydney. I also had the chance to meet a lot of nice people from the Atlassian Ecosystem.

One of my favorite events was the Atlassian Connect Week in Sydney, not only because that was one of the first trips I made with the company, but because that was the first time I met my colleagues in person. Comalatech was a 100% remote company back then. Oh, and Sydney…what a city! I loved it!

You live and work out of Barcelona, correct? How often do you go to the office in Bilbao? What is it like to work remotely?

Yes, I live in Barcelona. Before the pandemic started, I used to visit Bilbao once every four months or whenever it was required. So I’ve been working remotely for over 8 years already. It has pros and cons, but for me the pros beats the cons, so I feel comfortable and fortunate to work remotely.

Based on my experience, a hybrid approach would be the ideal scenario though. Which is to have an office or a place you can gather with your teammates once or twice a week, and the rest of the days to work remotely. It all depends on your role or job though, and even your discipline. I can say that working remotely is not made for everybody. You do need to be disciplined and be good at self-organizing your work, for example.

Do you have a favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

As I said before, I’ve worked on many different products and projects so it’s hard to choose. But if I had to pick one, maybe the new look and feel of the Comala Document Management family of apps – that’s a project where I put in a lot of effort and sweat. The UI that I helped develop has been there for several years already and has been used by hundreds of companies. I’d like to believe that the UI and UX have made a positive impact in many people’s work.

What do you find most rewarding about your work at Comalatech?

I often say to my friends that I’m very privileged. I have the opportunity to work in something I’ve always been passionate about: design, developing software and leading teams. Another very rewarding thing is the Comalatech staff. There are a lot of great professionals here and I keep learning new things from them, but most important, they’re fun to work with. I really appreciate the good and healthy vibes I get from my colleagues, even working remotely.

What are your passions outside of work?

My family is one, with my two small daughters. They consume most of the energy I have left after working. But it’s worth it! I’m also quite a big Barça supporter. I barely miss any of their games.

And in recent years I also started a YouTube channel where I talk about finances and personal growth. The more I’ve learnt about finances and investing, the more passionate I’ve become. The YouTube channel provides me two main things as a hobby: a source to exchange finance knowledge, and a way to express my creativity by producing visual content.

Sometimes I think to myself: Where do I find all the time to all of this? My answer is: I don’t know! 😛