In this series we’re spotlighting our team of Comalatechies, the developers, leaders and creatives who build our products and make things happen. We sat down to chat with Leslie Coronado Sandoval, software developer and friend to the animals.

How did you hear about Comalatech?

A friend recommended the job to me, and I took the opportunity. To be honest I didn’t know much about the company when I started interviewing. Once I researched Comalatech, I saw they treated each other not just as coworkers but as teammates. That was really important to me. I had a bad experience at a past job – if I had issues, I didn’t have anyone to help me. If I have a blocker here, I can reach out to people and get the help I need.

You’re in Mexico and work remotely with people in Spain and Canada. What is that experience like?

I love that I get to talk to people around the world, with different perspectives! I even got to visit Vancouver. Sometimes there are challenges because of the time zones, and I might have to wait a little while to talk to someone in another country, but we’re able to handle it.

Tell me about your daily work as a software developer?

Each morning we have a daily stand-up to discuss the tasks from yesterday, any blockers, and what we’re going to do that day. Then I start working on my tasks, and connect with the team whenever I need some help. I started out working on a Slack project, contributed to the Read Confirmations app, and I’m currently discussing some new features with Roberto (the CEO). It’s all very exciting and I’m really learning a lot.

How was your trip to Vancouver?

It was great! I loved meeting Roberto and Nathalie (Team Success Advocate) and being in the same office. I worked with Roberto, learning about AWS for business integration, and Nathalie took me around city, which was amazing. There were some parts that were closed because of COVID, but I had a good time and I hope I’ll get to go back one day.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

The Slack integration. It was a completely new feature, and Daniel and I were in charge. We defined everything – the tasks, the procedures. This was right after we joined, so it was a pretty cool.

What do you find most rewarding about your work at Comalatech?

I will say it’s learning new things. When I got the job, I didn’t know anything about JavaScript or Slack. But Comalatech gave me the chance to learn. I was able to go to Vancouver to learn about AWS. I’m learning new things every day.

Finally, what are your passions outside of work?

Playing video games like Zelda and Uncharted, hanging out with my friends, and of course spending time with my cat and my dog!