In this series we’re spotlighting our team of Comalatechies, the developers, leaders and creatives who build our products and make things happen. We sat down to chat with Gador Villanueva Martos, software developer and mountaineer.

You started working for Comalatech as an intern. How did that come about?

Before I was a developer, I was working as a translator. I wasn’t enjoying my job and I knew had a passion for technology, so I took some online courses and did a bootcamp which I really enjoyed. After that, I knew software development was my place. With Comalatech, I really loved the company when I heard about it online. At first they said they weren’t hiring inexperienced developers at the time, but then they came back to me and said they could take me on as an intern.

What opportunities have you had to learn and grow professionally at Comalatech?

I’m very happy because from the beginning I was working on real projects. Other people from my bootcamp were just doing training at their companies, but I was able to work on small issues with no pressure, and was always given time for research and the support of the team. I also had online training with React for example and other technologies I didn’t know, which the company paid for. With that support I quickly gained the skills to be independent, and after 3 months they hired me as junior developer.

Tell me about your day-to-day as a software developer?

I open the visual code and I start coding! Well, I started as a front end, so the tools we use are JavaScript and React. We have dailies to talk about what we’re doing, ask questions and share any doubts. We discuss our goals with our team leads and talk about which issues need to be worked on. When you are finished you have colleagues to review your code, which is great to have that feedback.

What is your favorite part about working at Comalatech?

The people! Really, the team is great. We are friends, we hang out after work sometimes. I feel very confident if I ever need to ask for help. We communicate a lot between teams, so there is a good flow of information.

The projects have also given me lots of room to learn and grow. I was invited to work on the backend of a new project, even though it’s not in my training.  Even though we are juniors they took us into consideration for that, and they give us the time to research and learn. When you don’t have experience, you’re sometimes afraid a company will keep you busy with silly tasks, but I feel like Comalatech trusted me from the beginning.

What are your passions outside of work?

Outdoor activities! I love climbing, I love the mountains. I go trekking, climbing, skiing. I also hang out with friends. I try to convince all the people in the office to come with me. I created a group called “Comalahike” and from time to time we go. Now we are getting bikes and we go cycling together.

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