Creating knowledge bases is one of the most common use cases for Confluence. If your team is creating KB articles, you know that there’s two critical factors in deploying them: they need to be right, and they need to be found by the right people. The Comalatech team is joining forces with the great people at Refined to co-host a one-hour webinar designed to cover these important points, and more.

“Not Your Native Knowledge Base: How Refined and Comalatech Make Confluence Content Easier to Manage, Find and Share” will take place May 6th at 7:00am PDT/16:00 CEST, and will be co-hosted by our Daryl Karan along with Refined’s Genevieve Blanch. Over the course of the webinar we’ll show you how two leading Confluence apps, Refined for Confluence and Comala Document Management, can help your users manage, locate and share knowledge in Confluence with ease. We’ll also leave plenty of time for you to ask your burning Knowledge Base and Confluence questions. 

Registration is open now, and we hope to see you there!