Looking for a better way to separate the draft and published versions of your Confluence pages? How about building a QMS in Confluence, or sharing documents with a third party? Well we’ve put together a three-part video series, to answer all your burning questions about publishing in Confluence.

In the first video we show how to manage HR policy documents with Comala Publishing, creating a draft space where documents can be developed in private, and then automatically copying them to a published space where the finalized documents can be read by your entire team.

The second video covers a QMS set up, demonstrating how Comala Publishing and Comala Document Management can meet many of the requirements for a compliant QMS, including access control and verified approvals.

Finally, we demonstrate how to copy content to a remote instance where it can be shared with external audiences and third parties, with Comala Remote Publishing.

You can view these videos and other tutorials on the Comalatech YouTube channel