Please note that this blog will be updated as new information becomes available. Most recent update: September 15th 2021.

Comalatech is committed to providing great products, no matter which Atlassian environment our customers choose. If you are considering moving to a Cloud-based product, please see the links below for more information.

Comala Document Management

If you use Comala Document Management, we have a migration plan you can follow to smooth your transition from server to cloud. See all of the migration content on our wiki.

Other Comalatech Cloud Apps

If you use any of the apps below in server, we do have a cloud version available. However, unlike Document Management, there is not a migration pathway.

  • Comala Document Control
  • Comala Document Approval
  • Comala Publishing
  • Comala Boards
  • Comala Canvas for Jira
  • Comala Agile Ranking

Apps with No Cloud Alternative

The following apps do not have a Cloud version:

  • Comala Metadata
  • Comala Lists
  • Comala Share It
  • Comala Remote Publishing

Get More Help

Need help with your migration? Questions about the future of our Cloud or Data Center apps? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team at