‘Tis the season for giving, and Comalatech is proud to build apps that are used by some of our favourite charities and NGOs. It takes a lot of collaboration and organization to get resources and people going where they’re needed most. Through the Community license program, non-profit organizations big and small are able to access our apps for free, including:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Red Cross
  • The WWF
  • Mercy Ships
  • Movember Foundation
  • The Wounded Warrior Project

Community Licenses for Atlassian and Comalatech Products

Atlassian makes their work tools, including Confluence and Jira, available at a 100% discount for server and a 75% discount for cloud to charitable non-governmental organizations, while some app vendors like Comalatech offer their Atlassian apps for free through the program. This allows NGOs to enjoy these industry-leading platforms for project management, collaboration and software development, without paying the same prices as for-profit companies. 

Managing Documents and Approvals with Comala Document Management

NGOs that need to put their documents through a review process use Comala Document Management to build custom approval workflows in Confluence. The app allows you to transition pages through various states like Draft, In Review and Published, and users can be assigned to approve or reject documents in order to move them through the workflow. You can also add expiry dates to ensure that your content is updated after a certain time, and track the history of your page with the built in report.

Adding Publishing to your Document Life Cycle

Communication is a key part of the work that NGO’s do, whether it’s to internal teams or external audiences. Comala Publishing lets you copy content from a draft Confluence space to a published space, so you can work on a document in a private environment, before sharing it with your viewers. You can also use publishing together with Comala Document Management, to create a complete document life cycle, from first draft to distribution. Central Valley Robotics, an NPO that delivers STEM learning programs for students, uses Comala Publishing to publish their manuals and event information online to students, staff and coaches.

Visualize and brainstorm information with Comala Boards

Comala Boards is a flexible app that lets you visualize and organize information using customizable boards. Lay out your board with columns and rows, add cards and link them to Confluence pages. The app is great for practises like SWOT analysis, task management or simple brainstorming. One organization uses Comala Boards for virtual breakout rooms in lieu of a traditional whiteboard; multiple users in the session can interact simultaneously with the same board, allowing for creative and intuitive planning.

If you are interested in Atlassian’s Community License program, you can learn more and request a license here. To learn more about how customers use our apps, visit Our Clients page.