Marketing teams need creativity, collaboration and organization to do their job. Confluence is already a great platform for working collaboratively on documents, and with a few add-ons, it can be a powerhouse for managing entire campaigns. Here are just a few ways that marketing departments use Comalatech apps to brainstorm, edit content and organize campaigns in Confluence:

Visualize your projects with Comala Boards

Whether you want to do a SWOT analysis, retrospective or a more free-flowing brainstorm, Comala Boards is a great tool for visualizing ideas and projects. The app lets you build customizable boards with cards that can be moved between columns and linked directly to pages. You can, for instance, designate columns for different aspects of your project, like Content Marketing, Events, Activities with Partners, or different channels like Social Media, Blog, and Print. This makes it useful for organizing complex campaigns like a product launch that requires multiple documents.  

Confluence’s hierarchical page tree system isn’t always the best for giving an overview of big projects, or showing the relationship between documents. Comala Boards lets you create visual overviews and communicate your plans to stakeholders.

Task Management in Confluence

When dealing with those complex campaigns, it also helps to have a good task management tool. Luckily, you can build one right within Confluence using Comala Boards. Create rows for each teammate, and columns like To Do, In Progress and Complete, then just drag and drop your tasks along. The ability to link to, or create, pages within the board makes it simple to navigate to the relevant pages associated with a task.

Workflows for Content Editing

If you’re creating written content regularly, whether its blog posts, video scripts or print collateral, you need an editorial process. Comala Document Management allows you to add workflows to Confluence pages, so content can be written, submitted, and then approved or rejected by assigned reviewers. Workflows are customizable so you can create the process that works for your team. Each stage in the workflow can also be assigned due dates, with email notification automatically sent out when a task is due.

Publishing within Confluence

Finally, marketing teams that have to publish content within Confluence itself can use Comala Publishing and Comala Remote Publishing to copy content from one space, or one instance, to another. This might be useful for publishing content internally within a company, or to a space that allows for anonymous access by the public. This publishing can link up with a Comala Document Management workflow, to become an automatic step of the editorial process. Here at Comalatech, we use Comala Publishing in on our documentation wiki, while Central Valley Robotics uses it to publish their manuals and event schedules online. 

You can try Comalatech apps for free from the Atlassian Marketplace. To learn more about how companies are using Comalatech apps, read our case studies.