The Comcast building towers above Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Inside its iconic facade works the diverse team of experts at NBCUniversal, who together create some of the world’s most popular and cherished media. But, it’s not just the employees of 30 Rock who work to produce content, there are thousands of professionals spread across the world who work together on a daily basis, generating massive amounts of electronic information. From New York to California to London, NBCUniversal team members unite to entertain and inform, but their teamwork doesn’t happen by accident, it’s the product of using cutting edge software to improve company-wide collaboration.

In 2010, the management team of NBCUniversal recognized that a solution was necessary to help their teams organize and manage the massive amount of information they produce. Such a system would need to allow teams to work together on content no matter their location or time zone, but that collaboration would need to be augmented by document controls, and it would need to be easy to structure content in a logical fashion. The product would need to walk a fine line; it had to increase teamwork but it also needed to provide significant control over the valuable trove of documents.

Their search for such a tool led them to Atlassian’s Confluence, the world’s premier documentation software. Employees found Confluence easy to use and it integrated well with JIRA, but it was missing two key elements; the ability to add reviews and approvals to pages, and to visually organize content. Those needs were aptly filled by two key apps, Comala Document Management and Comala Lists, both products of Comalatech. With Document Management acting as a document management system, and Listsists used to create metadata tables of organized content, Confluence was extended to provide the complete solution NBCUniversal needed.

Today the system supports the work of over 10,000 NBCUniversal team members, specifically its IT and Business units. John Comas, Manager of Platform DevOps for NBCUniversal, says the software fills critical needs for employees.

“Confluence is utilized by both the business and the IT organization to store all types of information including epics, software information, and pretty much everything you can think of. Atlassian empowers our DevOps work item and epic information and serves as an information repository for our distributed teams, while Comalatech allows us to better manage that content.”

John says that both Atlassian and Comalatech’s products let his team work better together. “Comalatech and Atlassian tools combine seamlessly to support the collaboration that happens every day at NBCUniversal, and their products fill a vital role in our technology stack”.

Note this case study was initially publishing in Clearvision’s ebook entitled “Team Empowerment: Insights 2017“.