There’s no denying the massive role technology plays in Triple-A game development. Studios around the world rely on Atlassian products to help manage the development process, deliver support, and communicate information to internal and external customers. Wherever Atlassian has found success with Jira and Confluence, so too will you find Marketplace apps delivering extra value to customers. In fact, nine of the ten best selling games in 2018 were developed by studios that use Comalatech apps, including:

  • Take-Two Interactive
  • Ubisoft
  • Sony
  • Activision/Blizzard
  • Electronic Arts

Here’s a few examples of how our products help fuel document management inside the gaming industry.

Comala Workflows

As one of the best-selling apps in the Marketplace, it’s no surprise that Comala Workflows has found a home in game development. Whenever documents need approval before being Published, you’ll find teams using Comala Workflows. An extremely common use case is signing off on requirements documents. Once the team agrees on the requirements, Workflows is used within the document to capture sign-off and lock it from editing, preserving the information exactly as approved. The app is also vital for managing approvals from different departments. Using Workflows’ multiple states you can assign reviews to the various departments; it’s normal for us to see workflows that involve marketing, sales, legal, and engineering teams.

Learn more about Comala Workflows on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

Comala Canvas

There’s no doubt that Atlassian Confluence is a powerful documentation tool. Comala Canvas augments that documentation by allowing you to work with your content within boards right inside of Confluence. Canvas boards keep your team better organized, and let you build out spaces very quickly. We talk to Product Teams who use the app this way all the time. They use a Canvas board to plan out the various pages within their spaces, then they quickly generate those pages right from inside the board! Building spaces this way lets them move faster, and keeps the whole team moving in the right direction.

Learn more about Comala Canvas Server, and Comala Canvas for Confluence Cloud

Comala Publishing

Just like other software developers, gaming studios frequently have inside and outside customers. Comala Publishing makes it easier to share Confluence content with those customers by facilitating simple space-to-space publishing. Imagine you’re building your software documentation within Confluence, and you want to share those pages with your users. Publishing lets you link a “draft” Confluence space with a separate “published” space. Your team builds the documentation in the draft space, and once it’s ready to be shared you simply click “published” and all of that content is sent to the published space, where users have anonymous access. The same sort of process happens with internal customers, when a team grants access to a published space where “final” content lives. Pages can be published one at a time, or entire spaces can be synced at once.

Learn more about Comala Publishing.

Comala Checklists

Confluence allows your team to collaborate and build documentation quickly. But, that ease of use needs to be matched with proper organization. That’s where Comala Checklists can be a big help. Checklists’ powerful lists allow you to organize information in centralized places, surfacing content and linking it together logically. We’ve seen customers use checklists to create standardized indexes on space home pages, or as a way to link a page into a larger network of other pages. Or just use it as a simple way to organize work visually. The power of checklists is its flexibility.

Learn more about Comala Checklists.

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Comalatech certainly isn’t the only member of the Atlassian ecosystem with experience helping video game companies work better together. Here’s a little more reading from Solutions Partners and Atlassian itself: