The real fuel of the automotive industry isn’t gas or electricity – but rather technology and information. Car companies need to share content efficiently across globally distributed offices, while keeping proprietary information secure. Today, many are turning to Atlassian products like Confluence and Jira for an integrated suite of business tools that fosters easy collaboration. And some of the biggest names use Comalatech apps to add an extra layer of control, including:

  • McLaren
  • Mercedes
  • Tesla
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
  • Audi

Build Workflows for Document Approvals, Change Orders and Revisions

When designing parts, many automotive companies keep their specs documented in Confluence. Designs have to go through a review and approval process, and may need to be revised and re-approved if there is an engineering change order. These reviews and revisions go through multiple departments and stages, like SMEs, internal training, and edits for spelling and grammar. Comala Document Management for Server/Data Center and Comala Document Control for Cloud allow you to build workflows for Confluence documents, automating these processes. For example, a document could begin as a draft, be submitted for a review by a subject expert, then approved or rejected by an editor, and finally published and made available to a wider team. With a huge amount of customization available, we’ve worked with major automotive companies to build the exact workflow that fits their needs.

Control Who Sees Propriety Info

Car manufacturers need to keep internal secrets secure and control who can see which documents at each stage in development. Rather than handling this manually with Confluence’s built-in user restrictions, companies can automate this control with Comala Publishing and Comala Remote Publishing. These two apps allow you to copy content from one space to another, and from one Confluence instance to another, respectively. Create and revise your documents in one space or instance, restricted to all but a few users, and then publish it to another that is accessible to a larger team once it’s ready. Remote Publishing can be a particularly useful solution for sharing documents with outside part fabricators and other partners. Both apps work in tandem with Comala Document Management, so that publishing a document and removing user restrictions can be a part of a larger workflow.

Develop Compliant Quality Management Systems

Leading automotive manufacturers have to achieve compliance with a number of regulations, including safety, environmental, and process/quality standards like SPICE. Comala Document Management and Comala Document Control have been used by companies as part of their compliance solution for ISO 9001 and other standards. These apps add document sign-offs and e-signatures to Confluence, and keep a record of document activities for auditing.

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