Few tasks can equal the challenge or thrill of reaching beyond our planet’s surface. Whether sending rockets, satellites or people into orbit, the aerospace industry needs to use the very best material, science and technology. Many of today’s most exciting aerospace companies use Comalatech apps to control their Confluence documents, including:

  • SpaceX
  • NASA
  • European Space Agency
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Blue Origins

Component Specs and Change Orders

Aerospace companies need to create specifications for the various parts in their vehicles, and these documents must go through a series of reviews and approvals from different departments. Comala Document Management for Cloud allow organizations to build complex and customizable approval workflows with multiple states, reviews, and reviewers. One example a more complex use case from the aerospace industry are component specifications that have a parent page and several child pages giving further details. With Comala Document Management, you can control the status of the entire page tree together, so that child pages have the same status as the parent page and cannot be approved independently.

Visualizing Information with Boards

Much like their satellites, aerospace companies need to capture the big picture in their complex operations. With potentially tens of thousands of pages at different stages, it’s important to be able to bring this information together and visualize it. Comala Document Management’s built in report shows due dates and page statuses within Confluence, while the app’s API works with industry-standard dashboards like Power BI. Apps like Canvas for Jira and Comala Boards for Confluence also allow companies to build custom boards for managing and visualizing information.

Keeping Information Secure

Most aerospace companies store their documents on private servers, and it’s imperative that no data is shared with 3rd parties – including app vendors like Comalatech. Comalatech frequently passes rigorous security audits from our customers, and has additional options in-app for controlling the flow of data. This authentication is done through the aerospace company’s own security protocols. To keep their instances secure, companies can also use apps like Comala Remote Publishing, which allows you to easily copy content from one instance to another, developing documents in a private instance for select users, and transferring them when ready to another instance that is more widely available.

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