Suarez and Messi. Gerrard and Torres. Garrincha and Pele. Often, a footballer needs a partner in order to reach their maximum potential. Just like on the pitch, if one Comalatech app is good, then two must be even better. We’ve designed many our apps to work together, providing complete solutions for your Confluence needs. Here are just a few app combos that might be a winner for your team:

Comala Document Management + Comala Publishing

Comala Document Management is our flagship Server/Data Center app for adding customizable approval workflows to your Confluence pages. Comala Publishing lets you easily copy content from one space to another. When used with Document Management, page publishing can become a seamless step in your workflow. Approve a page, and automatically send it from a draft to a published space.

Example: Port of Antwerp’s internal knowledge base team uses Comala Document Management to get their pages approved by subject experts. When a page is finalized, Comala Publishing automatically copies it to a space that is accessible to the entire company.

Comala Document Management + Comala Remote Publishing (+ Comala Publishing)

Comala Remote Publishing is similar to Comala Publishing except it copies pages to another Confluence instance. Remote Publishing works together with Comala Document Management as part of a workflow. Create your Confluence content in one instance, then publish it to a completely separate instance automatically. 

Example: Tyler Technologies uses a combination of Document Management, Publishing and Remote Publishing together for their knowledge base. Pages are approved with Document Management, copied to a Published space in their Confluence, and then pushed to a remote Confluence instance that clients can access.

Comala Document Control + Comala Read Confirmations

Comala Document Control lets you build workflows in Confluence Cloud. Once you’ve used Document Control to bring your pages through multiple stages of approvals to its final state, you’ll need some way to get it in front of the right people. That’s where Comala Read Confirmations comes in. This handy app lets you assign teammates to read your page, and users can confirm reading with the click of a button. The app sends out emails to let users know when they have a page to read and tracks who has and hasn’t read them.

Example: After an HR policy has been approved by your HR Manager using Comala Document Control, you can use Read Confirmations to make sure all of your employees have read the document.

Comala Boards + Comala Share It

Comala Share It is one of those useful apps that pairs well with anything, or stands perfectly well by itself. The app lets you easily share your pages outside of Confluence by generating a link that shows your content in with the same formatting as Confluence, and always in the latest version. With Comala Boards, our tool for visualizing information, you can build a SWOT, Kanban or other custom board in Confluence and then share it with outside stakeholders.

Example: Working on a project with a partner organization? Create a task board for sharing who will do what in your project. Share the board so your partner can see what you are working on.

You can try out all of these apps for free on the Atlassian Marketplace. If you want to know how an app can pair with your setup, feel free to message us at and we will help you make the right decision.