Comalatech is launching a new webinar with insight into how to improve your document management using read confirmations. Organizations invest incredible resources into building up their document repositories, but unless you can ensure that those documents are read by the necessary team members, those resources go to waste. From software requirements to HR documents, there is no end to the kind of content that can be helped by read confirmations.

Our new Read Confirmations Webinar outlines how you can create a read acknowledgement system that integrates with your document management needs. You’ll learn how to automatically assign and notify team members to read your Confluence documents, and then track who has read them. Read confirmations is part of the Comala Document Management Family of Apps (for server and data center), adding standalone read acknowledgements or a stage in your overall document approval workflow.

Interested in building out your document management processes with Read Confirmations? Click here to register for an upcoming session.