We just released version 5.1 of Comala Workflows, and with it comes two much-requested enhancements – now you can customize the colours of your states, and you can use your own labels on the approval buttons. This will help users extend their page themes to Workflows and use labels more appropriate to their team, but it also has uses within compliance environments.

Get Colorful

Using the Workflows Mark-up Editor you can set the color of your states to be nearly any shade, provided it is available as a hexadecimal value. Use colors to indicate important states, provide visual feedback for rejected pages, mark pages with unique colors for specific approval roles, or tweak the Workflows status icon to match company branding; the choice is now in users’ hands. But, aesthetics aren’t the only reason color customization is an important new feature. We know that custom coloring is critical for teams using quality management systems inside compliance environments. In this scenario, specific colors act as indicators that are easily identifiable by the different stakeholders involved in those processes.


The unique colors don’t just appear on the page, they will be present anyplace a state normally appears. This includes places like Workflows reports, and anyplace that metadata may pull the state. Instructions for changing colors are available in the release notes. PS Might we suggest a few good color combinations for you to try?

For Roberto, “Més que un club”, #004A99 & #A40344:


For David, “Los Colchoneros”, #272E61 & #CB3524:


For Mike, “White is the colour, soccer is the game…”, #FFFFFF & #9DC2EA:


You Can Label It

While “Approve” and “Reject” work for many workflows, our users have found use cases over the years that require different labels. Those users will be excited to know that today’s release includes an enhancement allowing you to completely customize your workflow labels.

As shown above, the buttons look and function exactly like the current buttons; it’s only the text over top of them that changes, not the functionality. Using the Workflows Editor you are able to change the labels with simple mark-up language. To learn how to edit the labels yourself, simply view the release note here.

Try Comala Workflows For Free

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