Comalatech is proud to announce a new venture that will see the company entering the gaming industry, ComalaCraft. For years, gaming companies have been using Comalatech products to develop best-selling games, and so it seems only natural that the company take those tools to develop its own digital properties.

“I’ve always loved video games” says Comalatech CEO Roberto Dominguez. “ComalaCraft’s team is inspired by some of the greatest games of all time, like E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Superman 64, and Daikatana, and we’re excited to add our own titles to that list.” 

Although most future plans are being kept secret, the ComalaCraft team did release a piece of DLC for Minecraft PC that is available for download now. Four years in the making, these skins show off the cutting edge, immersive kind of experience that ComalaCraft games will be known for. Click the links below to get these free skins yourself:

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