It’s been a whirlwind of excitement over the past few weeks as Comalatech has unlocked a new achievement within the Atlassian ecosystem; we are now both a Platinum Top Vendor, and a Silver Solutions Partner.

The Platinum Top Vendor status is a brand new designation from Atlassian designed to highlight Marketplace vendors who not only have top selling apps, but have also shown a high level of commitment to the ecosystem. Over the past decade we’ve watched the marketplace become more and more comprehensive and sophisticated, and so it’s gratifying to see programs like this recognize the vendors who have helped Atlassian create such a valuable user experience.

We’ve also regained our Silver Solution Partner status! While offering Atlassian solutions is a very minor part of our business compared to our app sales, we do like to have the ability to offer our customers the benefits Silver status imparts.

We display both of these badges with pride, and we’re pleased that the designations will allow us to develop even better products for our users.