The Comalatech team is proud to release version 5.0 of our flagship app, Comala Workflows. Months of development has gone into building a stand-out version 5.0, including a brand new UI, and API.

Comala Workflows, Streamlined

First released in v4.18 as a dark feature, version 5.0 makes the new UI standard for all users. The new UI is built to be:

  • Intuitive, and aligned to Atlassian’s latest design principles.
  • More accessible and easier to use.
  • Smarter, and with a better UX.

We discussed all of these highlights in a previous blog, and you can read all about it here. Feedback from users regarding the new UI has been positive, and we’re excited for all our users to experience the new streamlined Workflows.

Do you still need to access the old UI? Administrators can temporarily activate the old UI on their instances by following some simple instructions; contact our support team and we will assist you. Support for the old UI will be removed soon, so if you need to see it on a short-term basis please reach out to us ASAP.

A REST’d Development

The Atlassian ecosystem will be excited to learn that, starting in version 5.0, Comala Workflows will provide a supported REST API, which will open up Workflows to new integration possibilities from Solutions Partners and marketplace vendors. We’ve focused on content level APIs to start with so you can retrieve the status and interact with the workflows on individual pages. We’re excited to see the kinds of solutions we can create with other developers with the help of the new API. Learn more in our product documentation; click here.

Also a reminder if you are building Apps for Conflunce server Comala Workflows already has a Java API which you can read about here.

Try it for Free

Looking to add reviews and approvals to your Confluence pages? Want to experience Comala Workflows document controls for yourself? Try a free 30-day evaluation; visit us on the Atlassian Marketplace to learn more.