The newest version of Comala Workflows, 6.2, includes an improved feature that unlocks a variety of possibilities for users. Called “Required Parameters in Transitions”, it allows workflow parameters to be required entries, which can be set in between states. Take advantage of the new feature by updating today, or read-on to learn how it works.

Experienced Workflows users will probably already recognize parameters as an existing feature. Parameters let users enter values into their workflow at the space and page level. Often parameters are used to define values like who should approve content, or to set an expiry date at a given state. With parameters, one workflow can be configured differently depending on the needs of the content. 

Until now, parameters have always been set either in the Space Admin, or at page level at the beginning of a workflow. Required Parameters in Transitions extends this idea so that parameters can be set in the middle of a workflow, between states. The feature was also updated so that entering values can be required, as opposed to optional. 

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