After months of work by our team, we’re proud to announce that we’ve now released a Confluence Cloud version of our popular Comala Publishing app. Cloud-based teams can now keep their draft and published content separated like our server and data center customers. Give it a try today on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Separate Your Draft and Published Documents

Comala Publishing lets teams publish content from draft spaces to published spaces with the push of a button. A common use case for this functionality is for sharing content with external users. One space is designated as the draft (or source) space, where content is developed within the team. A separate space, with anonymous access privileges, is designated as the published (or target) space. Teams work on their content in the draft space until it is ready, then they press the “publish” button to send it to the target space where external users can access it. This is handy for knowledge bases, wikis, product manuals, and other content that end users need to access. 

Automatically Publish Approved Pages 

For teams using our cloud Document Family of Apps, like Comala Document Management or Comala Document Control, Comala Publishing adds more power to your approval workflows. Thanks to an integration between the apps, you can configure your process so that as soon as a page is approved in Document Management, it is automatically published to the target space. Automatic content publishing means your pages stay up to date with less effort, and end users are more likely to be working from accurate content. 

Try it for Free

Just like our server and data apps, teams interested in trying Comala Publishing Cloud can evaluate it for free for 30 days. Activate your evaluation today on the Atlassian Marketplace. Need help configuring the app in your instance? Visit our wiki for helpful information on getting started.