As of today, Comalatech has transitioned our Comala Metadata app from a free license to a paid one. In order to be eligible for updates and on-going maintenance, you must purchase a paid license through the Atlassian Marketplace. Relaunching as a paid app will allow the Comalatech team to continue supporting and improving the app. It also ensures that our team can continue to update the app to be compatible with the newest releases of Confluence.

Comala Metadata makes it easy to reference snippets of page data on different pages. The Metadata app can generate summary tables automatically to contain as many columns of metadata per page as you need. In fact, you can show the same list on multiple pages with more or less detail according to your needs.

As a part of this relaunch, Comalatech has also taken steps to update our documentation to make it easier to learn how to use the app. Plus, we continue to offer a free 30 day evaluation of Metadata through the Atlassian Marketplace. Try it yourself today to learn all that it can do to help you get more from Confluence.