The latest version of Comala Publishing (v2.12) includes improved reporting capability. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of your published pages in Confluence. 

The updated report surfaces more information that you can use to manage your pages. The report shows:

  • New pages and/or blog posts
  • Page updates
  • Labels added
  • Attachments added, updated or deleted
  • Attachment labels updated
  • When Page Properties are updated
  • When Page Restrictions updated  
  • Pages that are in the published space, but not the draft space, denoted by the “Out of Sync” label
  • Any Comala Workflows-driven pages that are not in sync 

Access the report in the Space Tools admin menu, under the “Publishing” tab. We look forward to hearing what our users think about it! To try it yourself, simply update the app. If you haven’t learned how easy it is to move content from Space to Space with Comala Publishing, you can try the app for free today on the Atlassian Marketplace