How to Build a Workflow to Manage Multiple Translations of a Document

March 10 2021 How to Build a Workflow to Manage Multiple Translations of a Document

Comala Document Management

Large companies need to create manuals, knowledge bases, FAQs and other documentation in multiple languages, for multiple products and audiences. To manage this complex process, some of today's top companies use Confluence and Comala Document Management.

August 27 2020 Three insights from Tyler Technology’s Confluence Knowledge Base

Comala Document Management

Building a knowledge base? Here are just a few insights we gained from working with Tyler Technologies on their client-facing knowledge base.

August 12 2020 How Teams Publish Their Knowledge Base Articles

Comala Document Control

Planning to build or improve your knowledge base? Here are some examples of how our customers publish their articles.

July 16 2020 Tyler Technologies creates knowledge base for customer success with Confluence and Comalatech

Case Studies

In this case study, Tyler Technologies builds a knowledge-centered service platform for their public sector software with a little help from Comalatech

May 27 2020 Port of Antwerp – Building a Confluence Knowledge Base for All Hands

Case Studies

This is the first in a series of four articles on the Port of Antwerp, and how it uses Confluence and Comalatech apps to manage its documents and processes.