Create Comala Workflows Tasks Automatically With a New Script from ScriptRunner

October 17 2019 Create Comala Workflows Tasks Automatically With a New Script from ScriptRunner

Comala Workflows

The capable team at ScriptRunner has written a new script that allows teams to automatically create and assign Comala Workflows Tasks to reviewers. Read more...

October 2 2019 Workflows 6.4 Brings Convenience Along With Confluence 7 Compatibility

Comala Workflows

If there's a theme to the latest release of Comala Workflows it would be "quality of life improvements". Not only is it compatible with Confluence, its new features make life easier for users and offer more options for assigning roles. Read more...

September 23 2019 Confluence 7 and Comalatech App Compatibility Update


Confluence 7 is live and some of our users are ready to upgrade. We want to let all our customers know that our development team is hard at work coding and testing our apps to ensure they work seamlessly in the new version. We expect to have full compatibility by Oct. 14th.

September 18 2019 Create Jira Issues from Approved Confluence Pages using ScriptRunner & Comala Workflows

Comala Workflows

The teams at ScriptRunner and Comalatech have joined forces to provide Comala Workflows users with a powerful new feature - now you can generate Jira issues from pages that are in the "approved" workflow state.

July 8 2019 Three New Comalatech Apps Approved for Confluence Data Center

Comala Canvas

Comalatech is pleased to announce that three more of our apps have become Confluence Data Center approved - Comala Metadata, Comala Checklists, and Comala Canvas for Confluence.

June 25 2019 Comala Workflows 6.2 Puts More Review and Approval Options in Your Hands

Comala Workflows

The newest version of Comala Workflows, 6.2, includes a brand-new feature called "Parameters in Transitions" that allows people to make configuration changes to their workflow as they transition from state to state.