How to Add Labels to Multiple Pages in Confluence

January 13 2021 How to Add Labels to Multiple Pages in Confluence

Comala Lists

Learn how to use Comala Lists to add and remove multiple labels across multiple pages, and get an overview of your instance.

June 30 2020 Port of Antwerp – Approving and Distributing Safety and Security Regulations

Comala Document Management

In the third article in this series, we cover how Port of Antwerp uses approval processes to finalize their safety and security documents.

March 17 2020 Comala Canvas, Checklists are now Comala Boards, Lists

Comala Boards

We are excited to announce that we have rebranded two of our Confluence products. Comala Canvas is now Comala Boards. Comala Checklists is now Comala Lists. Both apps have the same great features and functions, but with new names that do a better job at communicating just what they’re capable of.