FDA Approved e-Signatures with Confluence Cloud, Comala Document Management & inWebo MFA

October 27 2021 FDA Approved e-Signatures with Confluence Cloud, Comala Document Management & inWebo MFA

Comala Document Management

Learn about e-signature security in Comala Document Management

May 27 2021 Reduce Zoom Time By Powering Up Your Confluence Use

Comala Document Management

Online meetings are here to stay, but with tools like Confluence and Comala Document Management you can to cut down on Zoom time and make the meetings you do have more effective.

March 31 2021 inWebo’s User-Friendly Multi-factor Authentication is Now Integrated with Comalatech Apps

Comala Document Control

We're happy to share that the inWebo Authenticator is now integrated with our Confluence Cloud apps, giving those teams using signing tokens a great option for validating their approvals. Read more...

March 10 2021 How to Build a Workflow to Manage Multiple Translations of a Document

Comala Document Management

Large companies need to create manuals, knowledge bases, FAQs and other documentation in multiple languages, for multiple products and audiences. To manage this complex process, some of today's top companies use Confluence and Comala Document Management.

January 20 2021 Change These Settings to Turn Your Confluence into a Public Website

Comala Document Management

Confluence is a great tool for collaborating with your team, but it can also do double duty as a website for external audiences. By giving anonymous access to a space you can create content and share it as a public knowledge base, wiki or manual, all on the same platform.

December 24 2020 How NGOs use Comalatech apps to Organize Data and Documents in Confluence

Comala Boards

'Tis the season for giving, and Comalatech is proud to build apps that are used by some of our favourite charities and NGOs. Through the Community license program, non-profit organizations big and small are able to access our apps for free...Read more