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Automatically Remove Restrictions from Approved Confluence Cloud Pages

September 16 2020 Automatically Remove Restrictions from Approved Confluence Cloud Pages

Comala Document Control

Comalatech has released a new feature in Comala Document Control for Confluence Cloud that allows you to automatically remove page restrictions as part of your workflow.

September 10 2020 Give Your Confluence App a Good Teammate

Comala Document Control

We've designed many our apps to work together, providing complete solutions for your Confluence needs. Here are just a few app combos that might be a winner for your team

August 18 2020 Migrating From Confluence Server to Cloud Without Losing Control

Comala Document Control

Moving from a server to cloud Confluence environment is a big decision. This blog is designed to help smooth your transition to cloud, and to give you the resources to get answers to all of your questions about Comala Document Control.

August 12 2020 How Teams Publish Their Knowledge Base Articles

Comala Document Control

Planning to build or improve your knowledge base? Here are some examples of how our customers publish their articles.

August 11 2020 Write Better HR Policies with Confluence and Comalatech

Comala Document Control

In this today's work landscape, traditional HR documentation systems lack many of the features to effectively create and distribute policies. Digital tools like Confluence and Comalatech apps can meet these challenges.

April 8 2020 3 Example Workflows You Can Build in the New Comala Document Control Release for Cloud

Comala Document Control

With the latest release of Comala Document Control, Cloud users can now build custom workflows in Confluence. The new workflow builder is flexible enough to allow for a wide range of approval processes, from simple to very complex.