Comalatech has released a new feature in Comala Document Control for Confluence Cloud that allows you to automatically remove page restrictions as part of your workflow.

This is a handy feature for distributing a finalized page to your team, after it has gone through a drafting and approval process. You can add user restrictions at any point using the built-in Confluence tools, and the workflow will remove the restrictions the moment you send the page to a specific state.

There are two ways to turn on this feature. To remove restrictions when the page reaches the final state in the workflow, just access Document Control under your Space Settings. You’ll see an option to remove restrictions which you can simply toggle on or off.

If you would like to remove restrictions at a different state besides the final one, you can do so by adding a trigger to the JSON code of your workflow. You’ll find documentation on how to do this on our wiki, and our support team is always available to help as well.

This is just the latest release from our fantastic dev team who are working hard to expand the functionality of our Cloud offering. If you’d like to check out Comala Document Control for Cloud, you can try it for free from the Atlassian Marketplace.