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May 1Comalatech Announces Price Increases for Comala Workflows and Comala Publishing


As of May 1st 2019, Comalatech has increased the prices for the server versions of two of our Confluence apps, Comala Workflows and Comala Publishing.

May 1Comalatech Announces the End of Support for Two Apps - Yoikee Creator and Leaflet Maps


As of today, Comalatech has started the process of removing the Atlassian Marketplace listings for two of our apps, Yoikee Creator and Leaflet Maps. Furthermore, on August 1st 2019, Comalatech will stop providing maintenance or updates to the apps, and that date will serve as their official ending.

April 30Comala Workflows' Read Confirmations - Process and Document Control in Confluence

Comala Workflows

Comala Workflows and Confluence are an integral piece of many teams' document control system. However, more and more teams are using Workflows to go beyond just managing documents, to actually managing how work gets done. This is referred to as "process management", the act of utilizing technology to move work forward.


August 29 2017 Say Hello to the Streamlined Comala Workflows

Comala Workflows

For over a decade Comalatech's Comala Workflows product has helped thousands of people add controls to their Atlassian Confluence documentation. We recently reached a major milestone for the app, as newly-launched version 4.18 on the marketplace includes a vastly improved and intuitive UI.


Case Studies

The Comcast building towers above Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Inside its iconic facade works the diverse team of experts at NBCUniversal, who together create some of the world's most popular and cherished media. But, it's not just the employees of 30 Rock who work to produce content, there are thousands of professionals spread across the world who work together on a daily basis, generating massive amounts of electronic information. From New York to California to London, NBCUniversal team members unite to entertain and inform, but their teamwork doesn't happen by accident, it's the product of using cutting edge software to improve company-wide collaboration.

August 22 2017 Comala Agile Ranking Comes to JIRA Server, and It’s Bringing Something New


Cloud users of JIRA have been enjoying the benefits of Comala Agile Ranking for months, but we're happy to announce that the add-on is now available for JIRA server users as well! But this isn't the only news today as we've also added a new capability to the product - epic ranking.

August 8 2017 From the Backroom to the Boardroom; How Comala Workflows Helps Businesses of any Size.

Comala Workflows

One of the common misconceptions regarding Atlassian's Confluence is that it is unsuitable for large, enterprise-sized organizations; that it can't scale to service the needs of large devops, finance, or high tech manufacturing users. This couldn't be further from the truth, Confluence can service all of those needs and more. But, it does often require help to form a complete solution, and this means extending Confluence with add-ons, like the top-selling Comala Workflows. Powering up Confluence with Comala Workflows is now commonplace, and this solution is used in massive companies around the world, including Fortune 500's, globally-recognized brands, and titans of industry.

August 4 2017 Comala Agile Ranking Gets a Blockbuster Premiere!



July 6 2017 Get Your Confluence Content Where You Want It, When You Want It

Comala Workflows

Atlassian is dedicated to making Confluence the world's premier collaborative documentation system. Their commitment to empowering team work is commendable, and has resulted in Confluence's adoption by thousands of companies and organizations. But, it has also led to a common question - when you give team members the power to produce and share documentation freely, how do you ensure the content is shared with the right people, and that it's accurate? For many clients, they find their answer by extending Confluence with add-ons, specifically Comala Workflows and Comala Publishing.