Use One-Time-Passwords for Electronic Signatures in Confluence Server and Data Center



April 22Meet the Team - Naiara Martin, Front-End Engineer


We're spotlighting our team of Comalatechies, the developers, leaders and creatives who build our products and make things happen. In this interview, we sat down with Naiara Martin, front-end engineer and artist behind the keyboard and the canvas.

April 83 Example Workflows You Can Build in the New Comala Document Control Release for Cloud

Comala Document Control

With the latest release of Comala Document Control, Cloud users can now build custom workflows in Confluence. The new workflow builder is flexible enough to allow for a wide range of approval processes, from simple to very complex.

April 6Comalatech Brings Fully Customizable Approval Processes to Confluence Cloud

Comala Document Control

As of today, teams can now use a visual Workflows Builder to fully customize their approval workflows. With this release, we're giving Cloud users the custom workflows that our Server and Data Center customers can't live without. Read more...


October 2 2017 Help Comalatech Help Sick Children


Today is Commit for the Kids Day 2017, an initiative by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to encourage people around the world to donate money or time towards helping sick children. That's why we chose today to announce that this year the Comalatech team is taking part inĀ Extra Life, a charitable event supporting children's hospitals.

September 26 2017 How Confluence and Comalatech Drive Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Comala Workflows

Pharmaceutical companies live and breathe innovation; without it, they can't develop the life changing technology, medicines, and treatments that are their core products. This research and development necessitates the creation of mountains of documentation, much of which requires collaboration from team members potentially distributed across multiple locations. To facilitate this team work many companies turn to Atlassian's Confluence, a tried and true solution for pharmaceutical document management. Confluence and life sciences are a great match, but for many companies, including giants like Bayer, Novartis, and Merck, its standard tools do not provide enough granular control over review and approval processes, and that's why they turn to Comalatech's Comala Workflows app.

September 21 2017 Drinks, Discovery Day, and the Drone Police – A Wrap-up from Summit


To paraphrase a classic TV character: "Best. Summit. Ever."

September 21 2017 How Comala Workflows’ App Integrations Help You Work Better Together

Comala Workflows