A legendary brand that needs no introduction, the Adidas Group puts the customer at the center of everything they do and has been committed to quality since its humble inception in 1924. Starting from its original location, a wash room in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, the Adidas Group now has hundreds of locations spread over 52 countries. With a mission to be the best sports brand in the world, team members come to work every day with a commitment to create and sell the best sports products in the world, and to offer the best service and consumer experience. As a global organization, documentation governance is an important part of their commitment to quality. 

Adidas has implemented both Jira and Confluence into their business operations. Confluence is widely used throughout the company including the transformation office, whose job it is to ensure all Adidas employees are complying with product led transformation initiatives. To support this, the team develops and manages various documentation including agile best practices, how-to guides and global metrics.

To ensure the knowledge base information is always up-to-date and approved for publication, Adidas Group installed Comala Document Management for Confluence. Using this app, the team was able to maintain control through approval workflows. The Adidas transformation team opted to use a basic workflow that ensured key employee facing pages had been reviewed and approved for publication. Any updates to those pages would trigger the workflow to start again before updated content was published. 

Comala Document Management is ideal for knowledge base management because it provides the control needed to meet high quality standards and limit the spread of misinformation. Whether your team contains hundreds of members, like Adidas Group, or is a lean start up, the app allows team members to easily manage the governance of your Confluence content by assigning permissions, page reviewers, approvers and e-signature requirements.

To learn more about Comalatech’s family of apps designed for Confluence and Jira visit the Atlassian Marketplace.