2007. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace prize. Steve Jobs announced the release of the first iPhone. AC Milan defeated Liverpool to lift the UEFA Champion’s Cup. And, in a small cubicle just outside of Vancouver BC, Roberto Dominguez coded what would become Comalatech’s flagship add-on for Atlassian’s Confluence – Comala Workflows. Of course, things were different back then; the product was called “Approvals Workflow Plug-in”, Confluence was known as the “Instant Enterprise Wiki”, and to most people “the cloud” was just something that could ruin a picnic.

At that time we saw what a lot of other businesses saw, that the power of Confluence to let team members contribute and make changes to documentation was a game changer. However, with that freedom also came fear; in an era when most IT teams thought security meant “no one should have access to anything”, businesses were hesitant to give their employees total control over what was shared publicly. This was the inspiration for Comala Workflows, a product designed to let users review and approve Confluence pages before the rest of the world sees them.

Roberto, Comalatech’s Founder and President, became a believer in Atlassian after winning their 2007 Codegeist plug-in building competition. His experiences with the company, along with his foresight to see that users were looking for more control of their documentation, led him to develop “AWP” for the Atlassian ecosystem. It has since gone on to be used around the world by thousands of organizations, and is one of the marketplace’s best-selling add-ons.


Our 10 year milestone gives us a chance to reflect on those who have helped transform Comalatech into the company it is today. We greatly appreciate the support and friendship shown by people across the Atlassian ecosystem, and around the world. To say thank you we are participating in events at both Summit Europe, and Summit San Jose. At the upcoming event in Barcelona we are taking part in the “Booth Crawl” on the evening of Wednesday May 3rd, and we invite those in attendance to stop by for glass of celebratory wine. Visit us at booth S19 to share a toast to Comalatech, talk about your favorite episode of Mad Men, discuss your feelings on the Fast and the Furious films, or reminisce on anything else from the past decade. We look forward to seeing you there.